Why Feedback and Feedback Culture?

A deciding factor for the success or fail in your professional field of work is not how a person is but how he is perceived by others.

When I know how I come across to others, then there are two essential consequences:

First, I’ll better understand the behaviour of my fellow human beings towards myself, and secondly, I can better decide (if I want to) to regulate my own behaviour – goal-oriented and adapted to the situation.

A personal Feedback supports on the one hand

    • the sharpening of self-awareness of individuals
      → as a prerequisite for a better steering of your own behaviour

and on the other the development

  • of openness, honesty and trust in working relationships as well as management and cooperation relationships

These are the prerequisites for a healthy and emotional relationship structure for productive team work – and therefore for a high effectiveness of the entire team.

“People succeed in what they are doing as long as they have fun in what they are doing.” (Dale Carnegie)

The training/workshop for team building and development serves exactly this purpose: To promote fun and enjoyment when working as well as a friendly cooperation.



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