Inhouse Program

To design YOUR ‘in-house’ seminar, we should get together and talk about:

  • which employees are to take part
  • in which training course
  • at which time
  • at which place ( in Berlin, nationwide, international)
  • the exact objective of the training and
  • which specific contents are particularly important for your target group.

The repertoire of in-house subjects includes:

  • training of executives
  • working with those responsible for providing in-house training for employees and apprentices
  • support of team building processes
  • support with and implementation of outplacement strategies (job application training and career coaching)
  • making aware of and imparting successful communication behaviour
  • imparting and formulating effective work and presentation techniques.

Extract from our program:

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

‘If you want to build a boat, do not start to collect wood, cut planks and distribute work, but awake the longing for the big wide ocean inside people

A request to you:

Please take the seminar descriptions contained here as examples – we will design the content of YOUR seminar together. The goals and contents will be based on the questions, objectives and requirements important for your participants/your company. The focus/accents of your event will bear your signature. Are your topics included? Let’s discuss what exactly is important for the respective target group, what goals you have in mind for the corresponding training and how we can effectively support you in your planning and with the topics that are on your agenda.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you and would already like to assure you of satisfied training participants and training course contents that have a lasting ‘effect’.

We will be happy to supply references on request.

We are happy to lend our support!

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