We are a team consisting of trainers, coaches, mediators and consultants

Not only do we develop individual in-house seminars for you but over and above that we also offer open seminars at our premises in Charlottenburg. Take a look at our current programme to give you an idea of what we offer. Furthermore, we design and prepare concepts for you that are tailor-made to your needs, whether it be a consulting or coaching session or a conflict or mediation consultation.


Some of our open seminars are recognized and supported according to the Berlin educational leave law

Human Resources Development

Human Resources development is one of the most important topics in the professional and business world. Whether it is agile working in the VUCA world or digitalization at all levels - the heart of every company remains the employee with his or her unique personality. And this personality needs strengthening, as it is constantly under extreme stress in the daily competition.

With our seminars and workshops, we give participants the self-confidence to do what they are really capable of and the courage to try out new things in their working world. This gives them the certainty that they can master problems. This makes them successful - personally and for the company.
„Gute Führung zeigt sich, wenn sie andere wachsen lässt``

Coaching und Konfliktberatung

Coaching starts where training normally ends; it is a person to person activity in a situation of trust to address problems mainly in the field of leadership.

The coach seeks to introduce the leader to multifarious perspectives on a particular problem and to motivate the leader to make maximum use of his own personal resources in an attempt to solve the problem.

Coaching does not normally involve a single session of counselling but is an ongoing multisession process which usually involves 3 - 10 sessions.

What is the difference between coaching and mediation?


Open Seminars

We are currently conducting the following seminars:
Gesprächsführung im Büro
Sun, 4. Aug – Thu, 10. Dec
Gesprächsführung im Büro
Self Organization 4.0 – Agile Time Management
Mon, 21. Oct – Thu, 10. Dec
Self Organization 4.0 – Agile Time Management
Leading without hierarchical power – Consciously carrying out management tasks
Mon, 30. Dec – Thu, 10. Dec
Leading without hierarchical power – Consciously carrying out management tasks

You can also book these as in-house in English.
Here is an excerpt of our English seminars already held:

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Our Team

Christoph Heydenbluth

trainer, coach and mediator

Petra Chauchot

seminar administration

Linde Engelhardt-Rafi

trainer and mediator

Mediation saves time and money.

Mediation is the process in which individual persons or groups assisted by a neutral third party seek to attain an equitable solution to their conflict.


Team work has to be lived

Team work doesn’t grow overnight. A mature, performance-oriented team develops gradually – after problems have been solved, relationships have been deepened and roles have been cleared.


To improve social skills are the goal.

What is the difference between coaching and mediation? Whereas mediation is a process of conflict resolution between adversarial parties…

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