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Christoph Heydenbluth
trainer, coach and mediator

Christoph Heydenbluth has been working in the field of human resources for several years and supports people from numerous industries, roles and responsibilities as an HR-professional and contract-based trainer, coach and mediator.

He has a degree in psychology and economics and has professional experience in various industries. During his studies of psychology he already worked in university research, organizational development at the Charité and later in the banking sector. After completing his studies, he first worked in an HR consultancy and supported clients from various industries in their staff planning and recruitment. Later, he worked for several years as an HR manager in the field of software development and completed an MBA alongside his work, in which he acquired in-depth knowledge of economics. Furthermore, he is still working in the HR department of a leading global company in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical research industry and supports employees as well as managers in their development.

During his professional career, he has gained experience in the various domains of HR and related functions. His main focus was on HR strategy and staffing, employee development, communication across cultures and hierarchies, solving labour law cases and supporting employees and clients in their private and professional challenges.
In this way, he developed important competencies that enable him to work with clients on professional challenges as a sparring partner with psychological know-how and economic understanding, and to incorporate personal development areas. In these activities, he works on the improvement of communication on an individual level as well as in the team and thus has a preventive effect on conflicts or sees himself as a mediator competent in conflict resolution.

Due to his many years of experience in the HR sector, he is familiar with the professional and private challenges of his clients and, as a specialist in communication, can effectively contribute to them. Depending on his focus, he uses problem-solving methods and business management aspects in his work in order to focus on the needs of his clients.



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