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Negotiate successfully

13.10.2022 | 9:0014.10.2022 | 17:00

  • Start: 13.10.2022 | 9:00 Uhr
  • End: 14.10.2022 | 17:00 Uhr

Negotiate successfully

Everybody negotiates for something, every day. Negotiating is a basic form of getting what other people want. It is mutual communication with the aim of reaching an agreement when you have both common and conflicting interests with the other side.

So although negotiations take place every day, success is not guaranteed. Yet what is meant by negotiation skills is not much more than goal- and situation-oriented communication techniques. You communicate through your speech, i.e. verbally, and in parallel through your facial expressions, gestures, posture and charisma …

Seminar goals

You learn …

  • to conduct negotiations in a goal-oriented and convincing manner, to recognize unfair practices and negotiation tricks and to counteract them in a situation-specific manner
  • know tried and tested negotiation strategies/techniques and learn how to apply them
  • meet objections
  • Improve your negotiating skills and make the most of a wider negotiating scope


Procedure and phases of a negotiation
  • Optimal preparation and execution of negotiations
  • Set your own (stage) goals
  • Success factors for a successful negotiation
  • Development of a negotiation structure
Interpret and react to signals correctly
  • Analyse and include the positions of the negotiating partner
  • explore interests
  • Recognize factual, human and situational factors influencing a negotiation
Basic attitude for successful negotiations
  • My role as a negotiating partner: charisma, attitude, thought patterns
  • correspondence between appearance and statement – body language
Tried and tested methods / instruments for conducting negotiations
  • Negotiation styles: hard or soft?
  • Basics and application of the Harvard method>
Dealing with difficult negotiating partners
  • Dealing with unobjective attacks and unfair tricks
  • Recognizing and overcoming resistance
Active training of typical negotiation situations of the participants


In addition to a short introduction about the course of a negotiation according to the constructive principles of the Harvard concept, the practical work is the focus of this seminar. The participants will review their own behavior through discussions, role-plays, video instructional films, exercises and checklists and thus increase their personal impact. New positive attitudes offer behavioral and action alternatives and provide – even in difficult situations – security and self-confidence. They contribute to personality development and lead to high personal motivation.

Seminar costs

The participation fee for this 2-day seminar includes the seminar documentation, cold/warm drinks during breaks and business lunch and amounts to 830 Euro/participant.




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    Theodor-Heuss-Platz 8
    14052 Berlin